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Miami Floor Lamp

Miami Floor Lamp

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Studio Brajak Vitberg is presenting design which derives from award winning Table Lamp inspired of the city of Miami. As the studio wanted to make the lamp appealing also to bigger spaces and layouts, they developed bigger, scaled and improved Miami FLOOR Lamp. The lamp is made with plexiglass and dichroic foil that has a rainbow reflection so it looks different in every surrounding. It contains exterior and interior lampshade, that illuminates the surrounding with soft ambient light. It gives you endless possibilities of lights effects.

The dichroic foil is applied by hand. Minor bubbles on the surface may occur as this is partially handmade product.


Plexiglass + Dichroic foil

Shipping & Returns

7-9 weeks


BASE: Ø: 20 cm h: 120 cm, LAMPSHADE: Ø: 50 cm h: 60 cm


Customizable and available by order. Send us a message on Contact page.

Care Guide

Do not drop the lamp, expose it to impact with hard objects, handle it with force, or scratch the surface. The broken bulb may cause injuries. 

Do not expose too long to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures (for example: open fire, heath radiators and any other similar source 

Do not cover the lamp with paper or fabric, or place it close to flammable objects while lit up. The heated bulb will pose a fire hazard. 

When replacing the bulb, check the rating (voltage and wattage) and socket base design of the new bulb. Ensure the new bulb in positioned correctly and snap it firmly into the socket. A loosely fitted bulb may come out of the socket, or overheat.

Use only bulbs recommended by the manufacturer (i.e. LOW HEAT EMISSION light bulbs LED E27 bulb, max 25 Watt) 

Do not touch the bulb with your bare hands and avoid direct contact with the skin while the lamp is lit up or just after turning it off. The hot bulb may cause burns. 

Before replacing the bulb, turn off the lamp, and let the bulb cool down. The hot bulb may cause burns. 

After replacing the bulb, check to ensure no portion of the light fixtures or electric cord is touching the bulb. If this occurs, the heated fixtures or cord may cause a fire.

Dispose of the used bulb on an as is basis. If the bulb is shattered, the broken pieces of glass may cause injuries. 

Keep the bulb out of reach of infants and small children. They may swallow it. 

Avoid handling the lamp together with water or oil, or with dirty hands or contaminated gloves.

Avoid handling the lamp together with alcohol based fluids (ethanol, acetone,... and similar)

Clean only with dry soft cloth (can be microfibre) and water, do not use abrasive or any other cleaning products.

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